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The Kibo Code QUANTUM
Review 2021

Kibo Code Quantum Review

Pre-Launch Jan. 24!

Is Kibo Code QUANTUM The eCommerce Program
You've Been Looking For? Let's Find Out.

There’s a HUGE buzz out there right now about Kibo Code QUANTUM, the 2021 version of the NUMBER 1 MAKE MONEY program that took the ecommerce business by storm just a year ago. And the creators tell us, that was just the beginning. The new program has all kinds of bells and whistles designed to help you grow a phenomenally successful business.

But is it everything it’s cracked up to be?

As a former ecom store owner myself (multiple stores, actually), with over 25 years of success in online marketing, I decided to check it out. In this Kibo Code QUANTUM Review, I share what I found.

BUT FIRST, HOW’S THE MARKET? Is This Even a Good Time To Get Into eCommerce?
We’ve just come through a disastrous period for most businesses. Restaurants and small businesses everywhere have been forced to pull back or even close. Some forever. Shopping malls are like ghost towns. Many are shutting down. 

Yet surprisingly, eCommerce just had one of it’s best years ever. In the third quarter of 2020 (latest stats available), the share of eCommerce sales in total U.S. retail was 14.3 percent, up from 11.1 percent the previous year!

That was during the worst of Covid. Now, with more online buyers than ever, plus a new vaccine,  there’s practically no limit to how big eCommerce can grow. 

Frankly, there's never been a better time
to get into eCommerce.

So if ever there were a program to help you set up an awesomely successful eCommerce business, Kibo Code QUANTUM just might be it. 

Dropshipping is SUPER HOT! And Kibo Code QUANTUM is undoubtedly the single best program out there to help you set up a highly targeted, insanely profitable eCom site.  Even if you have very little or now experience. 

What are the Pros? What are the Cons? Can you REALLY make money with it?

Here we go:

DETAILS: Kibo Code QUANTUM Review 2021

The Creators

Kibo Code QUANTUM was created by the wildly successful ecommerce team of Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. I personally score this as a major PLUS!

Steve Clayton created the first dropshipping program I ever purchased, and it was phenomenal. He’s an exceptional teacher, with real world experience in everything he teaches. Aidan Booth is cut from the same cloth. Both have earned millions online, and both are among the best out there. 

I’ve already invested time and treasure into these guys and have never regretted it. 

Kibo Code Quantum created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

The quality of the training and the excellence of the content has always set this team apart. Expect the best in their new release, Kibo Code QUANTUM.  I sure do. 

The Program

Kibo Code QUANTUM is an 8-week online course that shows you how to set up a really strong and potentially successful dropshipping business. 

This is live training covering every aspect of setting up a dropship website, finding high converting products and generating a profit.  The course costs $3797, with a 30-day refund policy. Installment payments are available.

Pre-Launch is January 24 and features awesome info videos you won’t want to miss (with a great FREEBIE giveaway that people who’ve seen it can’t believe they’re giving away free!), 

Online signup runs from January 26 through February 4. 

Click here for an email reminder!

Incidentally, if you run across a review by anyone who says they’ve seen the new QUANTUM program, don’t believe them. Complete details won’t be released until launch time. 

But you should know…
Last year’s version of the program racked up $18 million in sales during a very short window in January 2020. The guys spent most of this past year adding all kinds of new bells and whistles, so we can’t wait to see all the details. We’ll update this page as we get them.

According to Steve and Aidan, the original program was off the chart successful in creating successful businesses for members. Hundreds of people used their process to rack up ENORMOUS results. Check out these (non-typical) monthly earnings: 

Kibo Code Quantum 2021

That first result (upper left corner in the image) shows $56,094 in DAILY Earnings!


Sounds simple, right? Amazingly, most eCommerce stores simply post products and forget them. They pay little attention to what’s selling and what’s not. So visitors are never curious about what great products they’re missing. 

The way Kibo gets around this so simply and easily, with so little effort on your part, will blow you away. 

Anyone who follows their process can create a highly efficient, sales-happy store. You don’t need to be an Internet genius to understand it. If you can follow their week-by-week classes and recommendations…you could have the amazingly successful eCommerce store you’ve always dreamed about. 

Can you do the same? Only you can answer that. They make no claims or promises. Everyone’s different. But a lot of people have done incredibly well. That tells me the bones of this program are really strong.

The business model for Kibo is taken from a famous Japanese Superstore. They broke record sales by positioning their best selling items up front, and rotating less popular items to the back room. That kept customers coming back again and again to see what was popular. 

Kibo Code Quantum positions you for future dropshipping growth


  • You don’t need to master Facebook ads or Amazon!
  • You’ll have access to untapped traffic sources (this is key!)
  • No foreign suppliers to contend with.
  • You need no inventory, no warehousing costs
  • They show you how to discover top-selling dropship products (from the U.S, so no customs concerns)
  • Install new products with a few clicks and boom, they’re on your site!
  • Delivery is fully automated and systemized.
  • Course includes product pages, tools, extensive training, storefronts, dashboard, community access and more. 

Contents: What You'll Learn

No one (regardless of what they tell you) knows exactly what’s in Kibo Code QUANTUM 2021–it launches Jan. 24.  We do know that the creators are talking about all kinds of new content, bells and whistles that will blow our socks off. But to give you an early idea, here’s what was included in the previous course of 2020:

  • Central Intelligence:  I loved this part. It takes you through every aspect of eCommerce and introduces you to the Kibo Code system. Very easy to follow, even if you’re new to either eCommerce or dropshipping.  Creator Steve Clayton has been a MASTER at this for many years and it shows. 
  • StoreStorm:  This is where you actually build out your store. Amazingly, you will have an awesome ecommerce site in about an hour!
  • High Potential, High Converting Products:  Discover how to find products with a large, eager-to-buy audience. Five exclusive products are revealed here–an incredible value in making your store successful as soon as possible. 
  • Profit Vault: This module had a number of genuine eComm goodies, completely done for you and ready to use. Value, value, value!
  • Traffic Black Box:  This powerful module covers every online business person’s most critical concern: TRAFFIC! Learn about untapped traffic sources that can send visitors to your site in droves. 
  • Oracle X: Learn the intricate skills of product research and product bidding with Kibo’s proprietary new software that takes out the pain and time requirements. This is  where you gain tons of advantage over your competitors.   
  • Kibo Academy: Need support? The Kibo Academy gives you 24/7 support by Kibo’s support staff. Feedback from members this past year indicates that their support is excellent on follow up, so we expect that to continue with the new Kibo Code QUANTUM system. 

The Pros

1. Low operating costs

Not only will you not have to store products in your own facility, but your marketing expenses (always a huge cost) are far more reasonable than with other business models. Why? Because you save the cost of research. So many of my clients forgot about the expense of finding new products — really good ones that are in high demand — and have been crushed when the bills started rolling in. With Kibo Code QUANTUM, the research is done for you. 

2. No Inventory

We can’t mention this enough. Nothing rips into your margins like renting warehouse space to store products. Kibo lets you set up a business with all of the advantages of a traditional dropship model, but with few of its disadvantages.

3. Fast shipping from U.S. suppliers

If you’ve ever done dropshipping with China or European suppliers, you know you’re looking at up to 30 days or more for many products to arrive. U.S. suppliers deliver in a fraction of your time, so customers love it! 

4. Easy scalability

Once you have your successful store up and running, it’s a simple process to start another. With so much of the work automated, many Kibo graduates have several stores in multiple categories. Rinse and repeat at its finest!

5. Complete stores in minutes
Using proven techniques to identify great products with high demand, Kibo Code Quantum takes the pain out of a process that takes many others months to complete.  Set up your store with Kibo’s high-converting themes and you’re in business!

6. Optimized product listings–automatically

Keep just those products that are profitable–which is why you’ll get so much return traffic. Kibo does this all for you, using the same approach that produced billions in sales for the Japanese Superstore that initially proved the process.

7. All-In-One package

You get all of this, as well:

  • Live and intensive training from highly successful dropshipping entrepreneurs
  • Sales converting storefront themes
  • Access to an exclusive database of over 3 million products
  • Time-saving control dashboard
  • Exclusive community coaching and tips from fellow members

8. No Experience Necessary

That’s right. There’s no coding necessary, no complicated programming

High Potential Earnings?

Frankly, what impresses me most with Kibo is that the sky is the limit. If you follow the program and teachings, you’ll have the tools and proven processes used by successful dropshippers to achieve their dreams.

Imagine what it would be like to have $100’s, even $1000’s, in extra income every month. You saw the evidence above, one member made over $50,000 in one month! Unusual? Sure. But it proves this system can work wonders!

When you get inside the sales page, you’ll hear testimony from actual students and you’ll be amazed. This program is potentially life-changing. It’s been shown to work amazingly well for hundreds of students. So many have achieved incredible success with it. So why not you?

And as mentioned, Kibo offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

The Cons

  1. There’s a very small window for enrollment. Registration is between Jan. 26 and Feb. 4. So if you’re interested, do not wait around. ACTION is required!

  2. It takes work. Sorry, but like all good things, you have to work for this one. While so much of the program is automated, you do have to put in some time regularly. If you’re hungry for success, Kibo could be ideal for you.


  3. It’s not cheap. Like any worthwhile program, this one costs more than the $49 programs that promise a lot but deliver very little. Think of this as an investment into your financial future, for yourself and your family. The features are MASSIVE! It’s well worth the potential return. 

By The Way...

If you find some value in my Kibo Code QUANTUM review, and I hope you do, could you please use my personal link here to check it out? I do get a small commission (which costs you nothing extra) and it helps us keep the lights on.  Thx. 



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