Online Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

The Training, Tools and Shortcuts You Need. 


Website Setup: Create Your Site
Quickly, Easily, Without Confusion

Need to set up a website or blog, personal or small biz? Here’s a simple guide to run you through the basics and get your site up and running quickly. 

You Will Discover:

  • How To Set Up Your Website
  • How to Drive Traffic To Your Site
  • The Best Product Reviews 
  • How to Monetize Your Site
  • And Much More

Website Setup For Beginners

The Free, Easy-To-Follow Roadmap to Building a Kick-Ass Website — Even if you’re a complete noobie (new person) to all things Internet. 

I created my first website in 1994, long before there were such things as instruction manuals. We did everything by trial and error. Mostly error.

Since then, the industry has come a long way. Today, even complete beginners can build a basic website that puts up a message, convinces viewers to respond, and delivers a desired effect (inform, get leads, make sales, etc.)


website setup for beginners

The problem is, if you don’t have the skills and have to hire professionals, you have to pay. A lot. But it shouldn’t be that way. 

If you can read and follow instructions, you can put together a simple site that achieves your basic needs. (And yes, you can even make money with it!)

That’s why, after creating hundreds of websites over the past 3 decades, we decided to put together an easy-to-follow, yet thorough Website Setup Program. Not everyone creates websites like we do, but the sites we create work extremely well. Even for beginners. 

Following this guide, you can put together a basic personal or small business website or blog without having to pay for expensive web designers, programmers or (gulp!) ad agencies. 


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(Full Disclosure: This guide is based upon my 26 years of creating websites. Yes, I’m an early adopter!

So grab a cuppa whatever, get comfortable. Here we go… 

WordPress for Beginners: The Complete WebNoobs Guide

Years ago building a website was expensive, arduous and extremely limited in everything from functionality to effectiveness.

Today, a relatively simple website is not just affordable, but it’s easy to accomplish. Even if you’re a noobie to the world of the Internet.

You don’t have to be a web designer, a copywriter or a programmer. You just have to work smart.